Itinerary Summary

Join us on a journey through the wilderness of Wrangell - St Elias National Park & Preserve, America's largest national park. See the raw beauty of Alaska and photograph the vast expanses from the valley floor to alpine mountain peaks.

Our journey begins in Fairbanks, see the Alaska Highway as we drive to Tok. From Tok we fly 108 miles away from the road system and civilization over Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, and along the Nutzotin Mountains touching the Alaska-Canada border before entering Horsfeld. As we land in Horsfeld, we're greeted by the wranglers and guides of Wrangell Outfitters.

Wrangell Outfitters will provide us with transportation, lodging, and the best hot meals you wouldn't expect to find in the remotes of Alaska. Owner-operator Will Kohler has been working the area for near a decade, and lives much of the year in Horsfeld.

Braye Lakes

Braye Lakes is a day journey by horseback from Horsfeld. We'll start will a hearty hot cooked breakfast before saddling up for the ride out to the lakes. There will be a couple creek crossings on the way out. We travel up the valley to the lakes. Depending on your preference once out the lakes options include lake trout fishing, canoe, hiking and walking around the lakes.

Elements to photograph include mountains, valley vegetation (flowers, trees, shrubs), lakes, ponds, water reflections, bears, moose, yellowlegs, osprey, loons, golden eye, chickadees, gulls, other various birds.