Wildlife Filming Logistics

All the Right People

Alaska is a large state. Larger than many countries. Spread across this massive diverse land are a variety of individuals specialized in certain fields. Don't waste time having to seek out the right people to fill the niche you may have. We've gotten to know many of these people personally and can connect you saving valuable time. Once on shoot for the Valdez Rock Climbing Festival a climber brought up an interesting point, upon discovering that he was friends with the nephew of a friend of Zach, who owned adjacent land to Zach, some 600 miles away. Zach had also met this friend when visiting their property with his aunt and uncle. This climber noted that in Alaska "We're always 3 degrees of separation." You might not know the person but chances are you know their friends, friends. If we don't personally know the right expert for you chances are our experts do.

Travel Logistics

There's more to shooting in Alaska than renting a van, loading gear and going on your merry way. Most people travel to Alaska for it's remote rugged beauty. From hazmat paperwork, to bear safety, to vessel or aircraft sizes and capabilities, to weather extremes. There's a lot that goes into making a successful venture in Alaska. Attitude is not to be overlooked as well.

Film Crew Weather Logistics

Location Scouting

We've spent a lot of time exploring Alaska and have an extensive network of associates who specialize in certain regions of the state. Our networking allows for lower scouting cost and our photographic background ensure the right settings for optimal shots.