Valdez Seaboard

Photos along the picturesque coastline of the small semi-remote town of Valdez, Alaska.

Mid-Tide Along Dock Point
Sunset from the Island
Sunset from the Island Vert
Between the Rocks
Bridge to Sunset
Big Orange Cloud
Mussel Kelp Castle and the Pink Sky
Return From the Harvest
Seven in Flats
Last of the Sun
Between the Islands
Out to the Port
Rock on Sunset
Evening on the Beach
The Beautiful Sunset
Color Up Color Down
Dock Point High Tide
Aurora Docks
Old Pillars and a Clean Port
End of the Point
The Once Long Dock
Orange Stripes
Two Ships Orange Stripes
Fate of a Beached Jellyfish
Flamekissed Sunset
Setting Down the Creek
March 4th Left
March 4th Right
Mineral Creek Islands on Winters Low Tide
Summers Over
Flats at High Tide